Beginner Programmer


12Blocks  v.2.0

12Blocks is ideal for the beginner programmer- it's a visual language that makes programming a microcontroller as simple as drag-n-drop. Hundreds of pre-built blocks support everything from arrays to tv graphics.

HyperNext Studio  v.3.83

HyperNext Studio comprises three complementary applications (Creator, Developer, Player) that help you create, develop and distribute your own software.


Neural Creator  v.1.0

Neural Creator is our visually based neural network development system that can be trained to perform pattern matching, feature recognition or make predictions on noisy or fuzzy data.

HyperNext Player  v.3.60

HyperNext Player is freeware and runs stacks created by HyperNext Studio.

TopJTAG Flash Programmer  v.1. 3. 2002

A universal in-circuit indirect programmer of parallel NOR flash memories. Programs flash memories connected to any JTAG-compliant device by manipulating the device's pins using boundary-scan technology.

ZIMO Sound Programmer  v.1 9

ZIMO Sound Programmer is a software for generating of sound projects. It is an alternative to ZIRC, but is also used for the decoder software update. First you have to define the basic parameters, then you can add new samples ( .

XtremeLink® Device Programmer  v.3 1

The XtremeLink® Device Programmer (XDP for short) is a USB based device that allows various types of communications with the XtremeLink® product line.

Si Programmer  v.2. 7. 2022

Intended for use in stand-alone applications, Si Programmer™ provides quick and easy programming with an extremely friendly, point-and-click interface that does not require any software programming experience.

Programmer's File Editor  v.1 1

PFE(Programmer's File Editor) is a large-capacity, multi-file editor that runs on Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 on Intel-compatible processors, and on Windows 3.1x.

LX USB Programmer  v.1 5

Use the USB Programmer Module to quickly setup thermostats using your computer or by transferring another thermostat's settings.

Neuro-Programmer  v.3. 1. 2001

Neuro-Programmer 3 (NP3) is on the cutting edge of mind technology; implementing both old and new techniques to affect the mind much like an engineer would program a computer.

Pizzicato Beginner  v.3 4

Write, lay out, print and hear your music scores, for solo instruments as well as music groups up to 16 instruments. Pizzicato Beginner fits most of the needs of a chorus, a small ensemble, a soloist or keyboard music.

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